Hi all,
Im selling my Admech Army as below. This army retail comes to over R14k, im looking for R9k. I know its a tough ask at the moment considering the economic climate. Selling as a whole , though.
Unit Bellisarius Cawl 2 x Tech Priest Dominus Tech Priest Manipulus Units 20 Rangers 3 Transuranic Arquebus 10 Vanguard 3 x Kataphron Breachers 3 x Kataphron Destroyers Cybernetic data priest 10 x Electropriests 1 x Ballistarii 5 x Rust stalkers 5 x Infiltrators 1 x Enginseer (metal) 1x Enginseer ( New) 3 x Serberys Raiders 2 x Kastellan Robots 1 x Dunecrawler ( Laser) 1 x Dunecrawler (AA) 1 x Skorpius dunerider 1 x Archeopteryx Transvector Tactics Cards Adeptus Mechanicus Codex
PM or call me 084 245 8808


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