Board Games Night

Welcome to board games night.

Once a week on Thursday night, 6pm to 10pm – people come together at the nerd bunker to play board games. We utilize Loving Essence wellness center’s reception space ( 64 Dorp Str ) to play games. This is an opportunity to make new friends and have some fun while doing it. There is space for around 12 people so bookings must be made in advance. Games to start from 8 April 2021.

Games we play

  1. Starcraft – Board Game
  2. Firefly – The Game
  3. Firefly Adventures
  4. The Walking Dead
  5. Zombie 15′
  6. Dead of Winter
  7. Warrior Knights
  8. Whitechapel
  9. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle – 2 sets
  10. Space Alert
  11. Doomtown
  12. Mythic Battles
  13. Broom Service
  14. Warhammer Conquest living card game
  15. Risk( if you want to risk your friendship)
  16. One Night Revolution
  17. Forbidden Desert
  18. Drakon
  19. AssassinCon
  20. Dexter
  21. Castle Panic
  22. Catan – 2 sets
  23. First Martians
  24. Resident Evil 2
  25. Elysium
  26. Poker
  27. Mexican Dominoes

Please contact Shaun on 0834558488 whatsapp or sms to make a booking.

Join Facebook Group –

First time players play for free or bring a friend and play for free!
Tee and coffee available. A small fee or R60 per person will be charged to play games to cover expenses.

All Covid safety precautions must be kept at all times. Bring a mask, personal sanitizer and/or gloves where required.