WTS 40k Tau

I’m looking to sell my entire Tau army as a bundle.

Almost everything has been built, properly cleaned and the big boys have been gap filled.
Still have some warriors and Crisis suits on sprues.
Nothing painted, some undercoats

Ethereal on Disc
Commander: XV86 Coldstar
Kadre Fireblade

2×10 Warriors /w rifles
10 Breachers
10 Warriors/Breachers still on sprue
16 Drones that came with the boxes

Riptide (Everything magnetized)
Ghostkeel (Everything magnetized)
3x Stealth Suits
3x Crisis Suits (Sprues)

Hammerhead (magnetized for both weapons, can also be used as Farsight)
2x Broadside Battlesuits (1 is magnetized), 1 with Missiles

2x Devilfish

All accompanying drones that came in the boxes

Total Value ~ R9500

Selling everything together for R5000+ shipping at buyer’s expense via Postnet
If you live around PTA/Midrand area we can arrange meeting somewhere

Contact me on whatsapp if you are interested in pics


Sell Grey Knights

Hi I’m looking to sell my Grey knight army.
They are valued at just over R7000 and I’m looking for R4000.

Castellan Crowe x1
Brotherhood champion x1
Librarian in Terminator armour x2
Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight x2
Paladin Ancient x1
Paladin Squad (5 magnetized) x13
Strike squad modles(2 unbuilt) x14
Interceptor Squad x6
Purgation squad 4Psilencer, 2Psycannon) X6
Strike squad modles unbuilt x2

PM on 079 549 0111
Jean-Louis van Niekerk



Warhammer 40k Stormraven

Wanting to sell an assembled, unpainted WH40K Stormraven, good condition, comes with bitz. Send me a message if you want more pictures, shipping is postnet to postnet at buyer’s expense, R800 base price with R99 shipping.



Hi all,
Im selling my Admech Army as below. This army retail comes to over R14k, im looking for R9k. I know its a tough ask at the moment considering the economic climate. Selling as a whole , though.
Unit Bellisarius Cawl 2 x Tech Priest Dominus Tech Priest Manipulus Units 20 Rangers 3 Transuranic Arquebus 10 Vanguard 3 x Kataphron Breachers 3 x Kataphron Destroyers Cybernetic data priest 10 x Electropriests 1 x Ballistarii 5 x Rust stalkers 5 x Infiltrators 1 x Enginseer (metal) 1x Enginseer ( New) 3 x Serberys Raiders 2 x Kastellan Robots 1 x Dunecrawler ( Laser) 1 x Dunecrawler (AA) 1 x Skorpius dunerider 1 x Archeopteryx Transvector Tactics Cards Adeptus Mechanicus Codex
PM or call me 084 245 8808